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7 easy natural tips to oxygenate your brain

7 easy natural tips to oxygenate your brain

Learn more about the brain, its relationship with oxygen, and discover how you can maintain it in optimal conditions naturally

Mental weakness, lack of concentration and difficulty understanding, depression and fatigue are the typical symptoms of a poorly oxygenated brain. Have you ever heard a friend or relative worry about lack of work performance? Or some others who find it difficult to finish or understand a specific task? It is likely that the cause of this uncomfortable situation is due to the brain not receiving adequate oxygenation.

The amount of oxygen that the brain requires for its functioning is almost 25% of the total amount consumed by the human body. This amount when it is not compensated properly hinders the natural regulation of neurons in their regeneration. That is to say, that the supply of oxygen, as it is not the ideal, impedes its complete movement.

The neglect of this fundamental region of the human organism has several factors, among them, the emotional exhaustion due to a permanent worry, the overload of work or the lack of rest in the sleep periods. Other causes are mainly accidents.

How to keep the brain in an optimal state?

The stability of the brain and its recommended active balance can be achieved through compliance with specific natural tips that we list below:

    1. 1. Daily walks and physical exercise. On the official page of Time Health, physical exercise is recommended to reduce the risks in people with memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, even for those who, due to their genetic condition, are at greater risk of suffering from it. In this way, the exercise of the body from a daily routine would allow a greater entrance of oxygen to the brain because of the increase in blood flow. However, doctors agree in recommending the walk because it allows an increase in blood pumping without the exhaustion of physical exercise that would subtract an important amount of oxygen destined to the brain.

      2. Yoga and proper breathing. The ancient art of yoga originated in India has been popular with the West for a long time, which has not only proven to be an effective way to keep the body and mind in a healthy state, but through asanas (different postures of the body), the brain is stabilized to receive better oxygenation. Yoga as a discipline is accompanied in turn by pranayama exercises (ancestral breathing techniques) that allow through their pauses and methodical training of the respiratory system to keep the brain region in balance.

      3. Nutrition and an adequate diet. A poor diet is fatal for the proper functioning of the brain, because this organ requires a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and priority foods for its oxygenation, which in turn influences the improvement of memory, motivation and ability of understanding. The foods and nutrients listed below have numerous benefits because they are potentiators of blood flow, which in turn influences neuronal activity. Among the most important are: foods rich in iron, vitamin B and omega essential fatty acids such as whole grains, legumes, olive oil, green and blue algae, nuts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, avocados, blackberries, almonds, eggplant, and dark chocolate, which you can prepare in kitchen slow cooker to get maximum nutrients from all kinds of food items right into your body.

      4. Plants to oxygenate and strengthen the brain. Nature is wise and unlimited to help men in their shortcomings, so there is a surprising variety of herbs at hand to keep the brain in a healthy, optimal and adaptable for everyday actions. Among the most outstanding we find lochita, ginger, bledo, rosemary, palo de San Juan, ginseng, linden, damiana, turmeric, yerba mate and periwinkle.

      5. Avoid intoxicating your brain. Avoid as much as possible introducing toxic substances into your brain, as it could greatly affect your mental performance. Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, illegal drugs (including marijuana), cigarettes as well as caffeine. Also remember that you can autointoxication.

      6. Protect your brain with a restoring sleep. A good sleep is essential for the health of your brain. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world have sleep problems, which can cause difficulties in memory and concentration. It has even been shown that lack of rest in sleep can cause more problems than alcohol itself. This is because the prescriptions of medications to improve sleep in people cause long-term damage.

      7. Think positive and avoid states of stress and anxiety. It has been shown in numerous studies the terrible damage that negative thoughts that destroy the health of brain functions cause in brain functions; likewise, chronic stress states annihilate cells in the brain’s memory and hippocampal centers.

      In Americanclinics they report on the unfavorable consequences that the state of a brain with poor oxygenation can bring to an institution, family or business. Then you know what you should try to do in your day to day, to prevent your brain from negatively influencing your closest environment.

Translated from “7 fáciles consejos naturales para oxigenar tu cerebro”

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Source: LatinAmerican Post | Ignacia Ravelo / Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda / Jul 01, 2020

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